Nikon D800 x2

Nikon F100 (film)

Sony A7

Fuji X Pro 1

Fuji X100s

Fuji GW690ii (6x9 film)

Fuji GF670 (6x6, 6x7 film)

Canon F-1

Canon Tl-b

Leica M6 (film)

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What I’ll Shoot

Most photographers typically have a style they gravitate towards. Although I most enjoy a combination between photojournalistic street shooting and portraiture, I like to think my style is based around my ability to adapt to any scene/situation to best capture a moment.

Certified in various computer programs, including Aperture 3, I am also able to adapt to a wide range of processing techniques to meet whatever style best fits a pictures, as well as the clients needs.

My Style

My name is Eric and I love Photography.

From composing a scene to capturing a moment, the ability to capture a still image of life occurring is truly an amazing thing to me.

As a young boy, I had the wonderful opportunity to have my father teach me how to use his 1971 Canon F-1 film camera. It was never a passion of mine as a child, just something I sparingly enjoyed doing with my father. As a grew older, most of my free time was spent making art and playing various musical instruments.

Although music and art were always passions for me, upon graduating high school, I decided to enroll at Bryant University to pursue a degree in Business, as well as, a second degree in Psychology.

Upon graduating with a BSBA and BAAP, I decided to start taking pictures again with my fathers old Canon F-1, after being inspired by a childhood friends photography.

From this point forward, I was inseparable from photography. Between work, family, and friends, I spent almost all of my time honing my skills and techniques. Photography was such an amazing skill to explore. It not only requires you to know how to use the camera as a tool, but it also benefits from the understanding of composition, color and creativity. These are the things that I find imperative to understanding how great images are captured.

I never wanted to pursue photography as a career with the fear that my passion for it may dissipate. Photography was something personal to me. Although I chose not to take on commissioned work, I did take on various opportunities to teach photography, as teaching is another passion of mine.

A few years later, I was approached by a friend to do some commissioned work for a colleague of his. After declining his initial offers, I decided to take the job and help him out.

My Story

I never could have imagined how much I loved working as a photographer, especially since photography was always such a personal thing for me over the years. I came to this realization after experiencing how amazing it felt capturing special moments for others. I feel grateful and honored to have captured so many different kinds of moments over the years since I first decided to take on commissioned work....

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I would love to speak with you further about whether I would be the right fit for your photography needs.

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